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Cable TV High-Speed Internet

You're missing a lot on today's internet if you're still using yesterday's internet service.

Some things just get old. And your modem is one of them. Phone lines were not designed to handle the Internet. Cable lines were! With Cable TV High-Speed Internet, you're connected to the Internet with a cable line instead of a phone line. Cable lines have much wider bandwidths than telephone lines so audio, video and data signals travel to and from a computer much faster.

Always Connected

A truly extraordinary online experience. Cable TV High-Speed Internet brings you the information you need when you need it. Cable TV High-Speed Internet delivers downloads faster than a dial-up modem. With Cable TV High-Speed Internet you are constantly connected to the Internet. There's no more dial-ups, busy signals, disconnections or rush hour Internet jams.

Nothing brings the Internet home faster than Cable TV Cable Net
  • Downloads much faster than a modem

  • Constant connection to e-mail accounts (up to 5) on the Internet

  • Up to 5 MB personal web space

  • One-click buttons provide easy Internet navigation

  • Connects to multiple home computers

  • For technical support - 24/7 call: 1-877-285-0120

  • Flat monthly fee
With Cable TV Cable Net High-Speed Internet, you'll save more than just time.

In addition to blazing speed, here's something else that will surprise you - the cost. Since you won't be paying for a second phones line dedicated to the Internet, or toll charges for connections, the monthly cost for Cable TV High-Speed Internet is about the same - and often less than you're paying for your current dial-up Internet service.

Recommended requirements for an optimal experience:

PC: Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium 1.8 Ghz or better
Memory System RAM: 512MB or greater
Disc Space: 150MB of free space, 1GB total HD space
Apple: Operating System: Mac OS 8.5 or better
CPU: PowerPC 603 120MHz or better
Memory System RAM: 128MB or greater
Disc Space: 56MB

Note: Your computer (running either Windows or Macintosh operating systems) MUST have CD-ROM drive.

E-mail Services

Each email account will be allocated 25 megabytes of storage on the server and e-mail attachments will be limited to 25 megabytes.

We have a new and better way to access email from anywhere on the Internet. The new link for remote mail access is be The access site has many new features that you will find helpful. The site gives you the ability to store contacts and email addresses. You can also maintain a calendar and task list. You will find custom Spam and Virus settings that go beyond the filtering being performed at the mail server, as well as the ability to blacklist individual senders. - sites that think

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